Vicky's Story

The passion project of founder & owner Vicky Kalofolias, VK Illustrations was born out of the fashion illustrator’s desire to revive a lost art in an overwhelmingly digital world.  Describing her unique style as “contemporary and playful”, Vicky explored the craft of fashion illustration and honed her skills during five years of advanced classes at The Drawing Salon in Melbourne.  A nod to her life-long love affair with couture fashion, Vicky’s creations celebrate the colour and movement of the catwalk, and the detailed nuances of the fashion accessories she continues to interpret in new and intriguing ways - but always with her trademark accents, including the delicate use of fine lines and subtle splatter marks.

Each and every one of Vicky’s bespoke illustrations is hand-crafted, giving them a loose and organic feel which is further enhanced by the archival paper they are printed on. Vicky achieves her signature style through a mix of premium artist’s materials, including watercolour pencils, inks, fineliners and gouache paint.  A curated selection of illustrations are available as limited-edition prints, personally signed and editioned, and limited to 50* of each size (per design).

*Excluding French Fashion Muse Amelie and French Fashion Muse Josephine designs.