• Hello Rockstud by Nicole Cullinan

    Hello Rockstud by Nicole Cullinan

    These shoes were made for walking…

    The Valentino Rockstud Collection strikes me with its strength and femininity, which is why I enjoy having my Rockstud shoe Illustration sitting atop my desk. It motivates me to work, like I am amongst good company, strong fashionable women who know what they want.

  • Postcards From Casa Angelina

    Postcards From Casa Angelina
    The intoxicating scent of lemon trees drifted over the deep blue; crisp white walls overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and rosemary trees framed the turquoise pool. These were just some of the mesmerising sights and scents of Casa Angelina, a stunning hotel sitting atop the cliffs of the Costiera Amalfitana in Italy.
  • Once Around The Block

    Once Around The Block
    Two years ago, a selection of my artwork was featured in a gallery wall at the West Elm store in Chadstone. Soon after I received a phone call from the team at West Elm. A TV show was filming in the store and two contestants wanted to purchase my illustrations, then and there. Was this ok? ‘Of course’ I said! ‘Was it The Block TV Show?’  ‘Who were the contestants...?’ The West Elm team were sworn to secrecy and never revealed the details…oh the anticipation!
  • A Passion Reignited

    A Passion Reignited

    My earliest memory of drawing takes me back to primary school. Art smocks were my idea of a school uniform, and paints, easels and brushes were my sport! The excitement of mixing a rainbow of colours, whether it be by hand or brush; the anticipation of splattering paint on paper, not knowing what the final creation will be. Oh the fun!