• Hello Rockstud by Nicole Cullinan

    Hello Rockstud by Nicole Cullinan

    These shoes were made for walking…

    The Valentino Rockstud Collection strikes me with its strength and femininity, which is why I enjoy having my Rockstud shoe Illustration sitting atop my desk. It motivates me to work, like I am amongst good company, strong fashionable women who know what they want.

    The Rockstud was launched in 2010 by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino. Maria already had insane credentials when she arrived at Valentino; having been part of the team who designed the Baguette bag at Fendi. She recruited Pierpaolo to Valentino and then in 2008 they were named creative directors together. A short time later a shared vision for the Rockstud collection was born.

    Unable to be divided on the genesis of the collection they each maintain an equal share; stating that it came from coffee and cigarettes. Only one of them smokes but who am I to tell. They would go out for their coffee and observe the daily scenery. Whilst walking they passed by many Roman doors. They found themselves talking about Italian culture and wanting to keep it alive, they agreed there is romance in history. They looked very carefully at the nailheads that adorn all of the doors, they represent strength, giving the doors a robustness but also looking decorative in nature. The idea that fashion could represent women’s strength and femininity was born. The Rockstud collection became an iconic representation of all that we can be. Each pair of shoes adorned with the pyramid shaped nailhead, a symbol of our confidence and complexity.

    Nicole Cullinan



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    • Vanessa says...

      So fascinating to learn the story behind this iconic design! Makes me appreciate them in a whole new light ❤️

      December 21, 2020

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