• A Passion Reignited

    A Passion Reignited

    My earliest memory of drawing takes me back to primary school. Art smocks were my idea of a school uniform, and paints, easels and brushes were my sport! The excitement of mixing a rainbow of colours, whether it be by hand or brush; the anticipation of splattering paint on paper, not knowing what the final creation will be. Oh the fun!

    I also recall a love of drawing animals, particularly horses…a distant memory of creating a series of these illustrations on crisp, white paper and gifting them to my sisters and friends.  I had found my calling.

    In high school my love of art continued, so much so, that I decided to complete Year 12 Art as a correspondence student (the school decided not to offer it as a subject, much to my disappointment). The year was fraught with challenges – from artwork being stolen from my makeshift work room (a cupboard space), to having no teacher assigned to guide me - but it was by far my favourite subject. My art journey ended at University - weekly life drawing classes were a diversion, but my life took on a different direction.

    Fast forward almost 30 years. My longing to play with pencils and paper was too intense to ignore, and so I chose to explore the niche craft of fashion illustration. I was obsessed, and this dalliance soon developed into a passion. The fashion accessories that teased me each season were alluring. The colour and movement of the haute couture catwalk shows were magical. The fabrics, the textures, the colours…. the possibilities.

    And so, a new chapter has begun.

    In 2017, I established VK Illustrations and launched a curated selection of illustrations as limited-edition prints, greeting cards and fashion tote bags. It’s only the beginning.

    “I would be honoured if a customer walked away with one of my illustrations! It would mean that my art has made a strong impression on them – so much so that they are inspired to hang it up in their home - their personal space - for themselves and others to enjoy.”

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